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Pneumatic pruning shear



Pneumatic pruning shear activated by pressing the trigger, located for example along the handle, after unlocking the security mechanism. Pressing the shutter opens the air supply to the sleeve, which by moving the piston rod, causes the blade pruning shears, cut branches and execution at the application site. When you release the trigger the piston with the blade back to its original position under the pressure of the return spring.

We sell a model for the direct connection as well as models for connecting extensions (Rapid model with connection to the quick, and Asta models with screw connections).


Parameters Sly Sly Rapid Sly Asta Supersly Asta
Requisition bar 8 - 10
Diameter of branch cm 3 4
Usage of air l/min 80
Weight kg 0,55 0,80




Sly - 500 PLN

Sly Rapid - 500 PLN

Sly Asta - 500 PLN

Supersly Asta - 680 PLN

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