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Orchard platform




Orchard platform is  designed for fruit harvesting, branches  pruning, caring and other actions in top parts of fruit trees.  Using orchard platforms increase  quality and efficiency and highly reduces time. Adjustable construction enables to lift platform with workers, bins and equipment on 2,6 m height. Orchard platform is designed for work with 0,6T+ class tractors with hydraulic system. Machine hydraulic system is  powered from tractor hydraulic system. Steering is realised with hydraulic divider mounted on tractor or platform. Roller rayl enables easy moving bins along platform. Machine construction  enables easy loading and unloadin three bins. During work with max. number of worker the must take places symetrically on both sides of the platform (for better balance).


Technical data

Parameters   PSN-260/1 PSN-260/2 PSN-260/4
Type of machine   trailed
Source of the drive   tractor
How to lift the platform   hydraulic (hydraulic of tractor)
Type of hitch   self copy
Lift capacity kg 2000
Max number of people on the platform pcs 6
Number of axles pcs 1 2 4 torsion axle shafts
Weight kg 1550 1750 1900

Overall dimensions










130 - 260 (adjustable)

80 - 260 (adjustable)





  • lift and roll
  • collapsible crane roller
  • hydraulic extension platforms
  • hydraulic distributor platform

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